Deliver a wireless panic alarm for public schools & charter schools

Noonlight helps companies that build wireless panic alarms for schools become Alyssa's Law compliant by enabling rapid responses to verified emergencies

Enable your customers to get help with the push of a button

Ensure rapid responses to verified emergencies

Best for emergency communications companies that build solutions for public schools and charter schools

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Enable rapid responses by sending rich data directly to 911

People facing emergencies shouldn’t have to talk on the phone to get the help they need, and many situations require their discretion. Noonlight sends rich data directly to 911 dispatchers, including the exact location of the emergency on the 911 call-takers screen — no talking required — so students and school staff can focus on safety-first procedures.

What is Alyssa's Law?

Alyssa's Law is critical legislation at the state and federal level that addresses the issue of school safety in the US. The law aims to significantly speed up response times to life-threatening emergencies by requiring wireless panic alarms that are directly linked to law enforcement.

How do Alyssa's Law requirements impact public schools and charter schools in your state? Learn more about it and view current and pending legislation here.

How can Noonlight support my mobile panic alarm system?

Noonlight can work with virtually any silent, mobile panic alarm or panic alarm system. When there's an emergency in a public school or charter school, a staff member will initiate an incident using your technology and Noonlight will handle the rest. Our technology works behind the scenes to verify the emergency and work quickly to dispatch first responders. Noonlight empowers PSAPs with the rich data needed to create high-priority responses to send help fast.

Does your panic alarm company partner with public schools and/or charter schools in need of an Alyssa's Law compliant emergency response solution? Contact us today.

Noonlight API integration
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How does a silent, mobile panic button work?

Noonlight provides fast, informed emergency responses by taking the burden of dialing 911 off of staff and students.
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Deliver the best wireless panic alarm solution with your app + Noonlight

Traditional emergency response solutions don't respond quickly enough to real emergencies. Noonlight works with your panic alarm technology to reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms, while enabling rapid responses to verified emergencies.

Enable rapid, high-priority responses

Assessing alarms in real-time enables high-priority emergency responses that are faster and more accurate than traditional emergency dispatch methods.

Integrate easily via Noonlight REST API

No complicated configurations required. Simply send in critical info when an alarm is triggered via our REST API and we take care of the rest.


People feel safer with Noonlight and we're confident your clients will, too

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Read our FAQs to learn more about Noonlight

I already have the technology to create a mobile panic button. What can I use Noonlight for?


That's awesome you have a mobile panic button, or you're in the process of building one. You're the partner we're looking for! Get in touch with us today.

Noonlight integrates with your technology easily via our REST API, no complicated configurations required. When one of you customers triggers an alarm using your panic button, Noonlight takes care of enabling emergency responses in the background.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible about how our technology works:

- No talking or additional action is required from school staff beyond pressing the panic button to enable an emergency response

- Our tech enables a direct call to 911 as soon as an alarm is created

- The address and other useful information is shared directly on the 911 call-taker’s screen

How is Noonlight different from other emergency response solutions?


The professional monitoring industry is changing and Noonlight is at the forefront of that change.
We're a modern, customer-centric tech company that aims to provide the best possible emergency responses.

Behind the scenes, we handle all the technical components of emergency response so our agents can get help fast. Our highly-trained agents will go the extra mile to take the burden of emergency response off of your clients by filtering up to 100% of false alarms and cancelling them automatically and communicating with a clear sense of empathy and compassion whether or not there's an emergency.