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Take your home security products to the next level with Noonlight monitoring

Offer your customers 24/7 peace of mind by providing the most reliable professional monitoring and emergency response capabilities.

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Leading home security companies trust Noonlight

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Safer homes start with Noonlight

Noonlight's professional home monitoring eliminates false alarms and enables rapid responses to verified emergencies.

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Zero missed emergencies

Our solutions are proven to decrease the number of false alarms without missing an emergency so your customers can always get the help they need when they need it most.

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Fastest resolution

By sharing video, sensor, and other contextual data with first responders, we are able to get the highest priority emergency dispatch for your users.

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Zero unwanted disruptions to your customer's life

With video verification, Noonlight agents can filter out all false alarms without having to notify your users.

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Best value on the market

Noonlight's goal is to protect as many people as possible. By keeping our prices as low as possible, we are able to partner with more companies who can offer our services to their user at an affordable price.

Featured home security solutions

Professional Video

Use video verification to eliminate over 99% of false alarms and unwanted disruptions to your customer's lives — your customers are only contacted when an emergency is verified by a live Noonlight agent.

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Professional Sensor  Monitoring

Remove the burden of your customers having to monitor their own properties. Door, window, motion, smoke sensors and CO detectors, water leak detectors, etc. can all be used to “trigger” the appropriate alarm response.

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Advanced Self

Embed local emergency dispatch directly into your application without an expensive infrastructure. Empower your customers to send help to their property with just the tap of a button, no matter where they are at the time of an emergency.

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Advanced emergency help with a simple API request

No pre-registering users or other unnecessary work required. Simply send in critical info when an alarm is triggered via our REST API.

We constantly deliver the best service for you and your customers  


Emergencies handeled

<10 seconds

Response times for 95% of alarms

100% coverage

Across the entire US


3 UL, 5 diamond certified call centers

Professional Video Monitoring

All they need is your camera + Noonlight

When your camera detects motion, a trained Noonlight agent will review the video to determine whether it's a false alarm or real emergency. Your customers are only contacted in the event of real emergency.


Professional Video Monitoring takes your home security camera to the next level

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Simple implementation

Your customer just needs a camera + Noonlight. No extra devices or extra steps, they don't even need to create a Noonlight account. Getting started with the highest quality of home security couldn't be easier.

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Faster, more informed response

At the time of an emergency, video and other contextual information is shared with first responders. This allows them to confirm and prioritize your customer's emergency and get them the help they need as fast as possible.

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No unwanted disruptions

The number one reason home security companies lose customers? Too many false alarms. With Professional Video Monitoring, your customer is only contacted in the event of a confirmed emergency.

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Dispatch from anywhere

A mile away, or across the world - your customers will be at ease knowing their home is safe and secure, being monitored by a trained Noonlight agent 24/7.


Advanced Self Monitoring

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per user per month
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Remote dispatch of Police, Fire, and Medical response

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False alarm cancellation via text or call

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Rich data shared with first responders


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per location per month
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All features included in Dispatch API

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Alarm verification by Noonlight dispatcher

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Household notification via text and call

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Along with our partners, we provide millions of users with the best emergency response solution available. We work with our partners to tailor our solutions to their product and customer's needs and to provide the best-in-class home security service. Reach out today to see how we can work together to better protect and comfort your customers.

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