Add professional monitoring with just a few lines of code



Advanced emergency help with a simple API request

Remove the burden of calling 911 from your user, while enabling best-in-class emergency response.

Fewer False Alarms

Within the first 30 seconds of an  alarm, our friendly dispatchers will text and call your user, stopping over 99% of false alarms.

Rich Data, Direct to 911

We get critical data, such as live video, audio, and vitals, into the hands of 911 call takers and first responders.

Alarm Status Webhooks

We relay emergency status back to your service real-time, so you can deliver a premium user experience.

Simple Integration

No pre-registering users or other unnecessary work required. Simply send in critical info when an alarm is triggered via our REST API.

"A safe and positive dating experience is crucial to our business. We’ve found cutting-edge technology in Noonlight that can deliver real-time emergency services – which doesn’t exist on any other dating product – so that we can empower singles with tools to keep them safer and give them more confidence."

Mandy Ginsberg, CEO, Match Group

When an Axon user fires their TASER Pulse+ in real life, they need emergency backup. Through bluetooth connection to the Noonlight app, and a subsequent call to Noonlight's Dispatch API, Axon can now offer its users full protection, without the added costs and upkeep of an app.

Konnected brings legacy alarm systems into the modern world by connecting old parts to new smart home technology. Through Noonlight, Konnected is able to provide its DIY-minded customers with 24/7 monitoring at a fraction of the cost.

Notion's multifunctional sensors can monitor for opened doors and windows, smoke and CO alarms, and water leaks. Through Noonlight, Notion can now offer its customers 24/7 monitoring, as well as complimentary sensor kits when purchased through home insurance policies.


Video verified response, 24/7

Your users aren't available 24/7. But Noonlight's trained dispatchers are. We'll review video alerts, verify whether emergency response is needed, and handle it from there.

Flexible Review

We'll review video alerts associated with motion, person detection, fire, fall, or other potential threats your product detects.

Verified Response

We'll use video and other alarm data to verify if emergency response is required or cancel any false alarms.

Rich Data, Direct to 911

We'll share relevant footage directly with 911 call takers and first responders so they can provide the best help to your user.

Group Notifications

We can notify notify all relevant users via text or call - family, roommates, caregivers, business owners, etc.



Starting at
per user per month

Remote dispatch of Police, Fire, and Medical response

False alarm cancellation via text or call

Rich data shared with first responders


Starting at
per location per month

All features included in Dispatch API

Alarm verification by Noonlight dispatcher

Household notification via text and call

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