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Protect your customers with the fastest, most reliable emergency response.

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Why Noonlight Monitoring?

Reliable and easy-to-use monitoring
for security dealers and installers

Streamline account management

No more double data entry. Get new customers up and running in minutes. Automatically sync device names, emergency contacts, and more.

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Delight your customers

Increase response rates and reduce false dispatches by keeping your customers informed throughout the alarm experience via SMS or call.

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Get up and running in minutes

Create your Noonlight dealer account and onboard your first customer faster than ever. Account migration is just as easy.

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Simple and affordable pricing

No minimums, upsells, hidden fees, or other numbers games. We’re here to give your business the support it needs to thrive.

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Integrated with leading brands in residential and commercial security

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Streamline account management

We made customer onboarding and account management as easy as possible because we know that your time is valuable. Your customers can update emergency contacts, device names, and put their account in “test” all on their own.

Accelerated account onboarding 

Eliminate double data entry by automatically syncing data from your alarm platform provider so you can focus on high-priority tasks and delivering incredible customer service.

Stay one step ahead with proactive insights

Easily check account status and get notified if an account experiences power trouble, supervisory issues, communication problems, or other complications.

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Best-in-class customer experience

Armed with rich contextual data, our trained agents stay focused on the goal of providing assistance with humanity and compassion in any situation. Tailored SMS and phone calls deliver a comforting, personal experience during times of need, while keeping your customers informed throughout the entire emergency response process.

Reduce false dispatches

Texting customers reduces false alarms by more than 50% because it’s the way people prefer to communicate. Your customers can save the Noonlight contact card so they know who’s texting and calling and to bypass silent mode.

Enable faster, more informed responses

Our trained agents provide your customers with an informed experience like no other. Context-rich alarm data allows our team to get answers fast to verify emergencies and quickly send help.

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The industry-leading standard of service for you and your customers  



Noonlight human handled alarms to date


of customers are contacted in under 10 seconds of an alarm being triggered


coverage throughout the U.S., no PSAP setup required

UL Listed, Five Diamond Certified Logos

Your customers will love you


The foundation of our service

Founded ten years ago as a consumer safety app, Noonlight has continued to rapidly innovate to provide the best possible professional monitoring and emergency response experience for an ever-expanding customer base, including security dealers and installers like you. At Noonlight, we pride ourselves on creating the best end-user experiences that set us apart from the competition by going above and beyond for our customers, while keeping your customers safe. 


Emergencies handeled

<10 seconds

Response time for 95% of alarms

100% coverage

Across the entire US


3 UL, 5 diamond certified call centers

Simple, affordable pricing

Our pricing is set on a simple, per account basis with no hidden fees, no long contracts, and no hoops to jump through. Talk to an expert today to learn more.

Residential & commercial monitoring

Starting as low as
per user per month
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Burglar & fire monitoring

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Video verification of events

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Late to test

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Device supervision

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per location per month
Personal safety
per person per month

We're always expanding and perfecting our service offerings. If you need a unique or customized plan, feel free to reach out to us anytime and one of our experts will get back to you soon.

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Give Noonlight a test drive or jump right in and start offering your customers the protection and comfort they deserve. It only takes a few minutes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the security dealer program for?


We're looking for security dealers and integrators who have commercial and/or residential customers to partner with us to create the most effective and affordable monitoring solution on the market. If you are looking to save money and deliver best in class monitoring experiences for your customers, get in touch now.

How does the security dealer program work?


We're making the security dealer program as simple as possible: just sign up, get up and running on a timeline that's comfortable for you, and offer us your honest feedback about our services on a regular basis. No hidden fees, no long contracts, no fine print.

What hardware do you work with?


We're working to connect with all popular hardware and platform vendors, including those supported by, Alula, DMP, and others.

If we don't already support your solutions, let us know! We are always expanding our offering to work with other platforms and hardware. We have an amazing team of engineers who can get you up and running fast.

Do I have to swap my existing hardware if I switch monitoring providers?


No, you don't have to swap out your hardware when you switch to Noonlight.

How is Noonlight different from other monitoring solutions?


The professional monitoring industry is changing and Noonlight is at the forefront of that change.

We're a modern, customer-centric tech company that aims to provide the best alarm monitoring service possible. Behind the scenes, we handle all the technical components of alarm monitoring so our agents can help facilitate responses to verified emergencies with empathy and compassion.

Our highly-trained agents will go the extra mile to take the burden of emergency response off of your clients by filtering over 99% of false alarms.

What if I already have accounts and it's a pain to migrate them to a different alarm monitoring company?


In our experience working with security dealers and integrators, we understand that account migration has historically been time consuming and expensive. That said, Noonlight integrates with some of the most popular alarm and security platforms, making the migration process a breeze. In the event that we don't have an integration in place, we'll offer to handle the migration process for you.

It's our gesture to you to prove that we're the best professional monitoring company available.

I've had issues with unprofessional agents from other monitoring providers in the past. How can you reassure me about the quality of your agents?


Our monitoring agents go through intensive multi-week training programs before they take their first call. Because of it, Noonlight guarantees the highest standard of quality from our agents who are not only professional, but who are experts at communicating with empathy and compassion whether or not there's an emergency. Read our reviews and you'll feel the love, too.

What does it mean when you say your service can cancel false alarms?


One of our main goals as a company is to take as much burden off of your customers as possible. Our technology assists our highly-trained agents to effectively and reliably identify false alarms without having to bother your customers with unnecessary messages or phone calls.