Why security camera companies need professional monitoring now

Security cameras are a great tool for capturing footage and deterring trespassers and criminals. In fact, every home and business should have security cameras. But security cameras that also offer professional monitoring are simply better.

Brent Minderler
March 10, 2022

What’s the point of identifying trespassers or criminals inside or outside your business if there’s nothing you can do about it? You can capture the information your insurance company needs to settle a claim to get your business back on track, but there’s so much more time and money wasted not focusing on core business operations.

Think about all that lost time dealing with insurance: gathering the paperwork, filling out the paperwork, waiting on insurance to get back to you with more paperwork, having to negotiate and renegotiate with them, managing and paying for the necessary repairs to damages out of pocket while the insurance company does it’s thing. Sounds like a real nightmare.

You do it because it has to be done. It’s necessary to get your business back on track. But think of where you could be without all the hassles, the time and money wasted not focusing on the real business of your… well…. business. The main problem is in the fundamentals: it’s reactive, not proactive. And to top it off, now your insurance is more expensive.

For these reasons (and many others), business security camera companies that manufacture and/or sell security cameras and other security tools to commercial businesses and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are adopting professional monitoring solutions that integrate seamlessly with their products to provide more value for their current customers, attract new customers, and grow their businesses faster.

Since property crime (larceny/theft, burglary) exists as the most common form of crime in the US, businesses must consider implementing only the best possible security systems that offer both professional monitoring and emergency response capabilities. 

Read the article to learn why professional monitoring is a must-have for business security camera companies.

Unmonitored security cameras vs professionally monitored security cameras

Although there are some cost-savings benefits associated with self monitored security cameras, the benefits provided by professionally monitored security cameras quickly outweigh the price tag.

Unmonitored security surveillance cameras are less safe and less convenient than professionally monitored cameras. Although unmonitored cameras can detect and record criminals, they can’t do anything to stop them or help catch them by dispatching first responders straight to the property.

Whether your customers need home or commercial security systems, professionally monitored systems fill in a lot of gaps left vacant by unmonitored ones. 

For instance, what if you’re sleeping and you miss the notification? Possibly someone nearby might notice and take action on your behalf, but there’s no guarantee. Think of it another way: if a fire alarm goes off, is there anyone around to hear it and call for help? Time is everything in an emergency, and the diligence, speed, and persistence required to take action to get help fast could be the difference between a close call and a devastating event.

With professional monitoring, your customers have highly trained agents looking out for their properties, keeping a close eye on their camera systems, and in the event of a potential emergency, 95% of Noonlight agents take action within 10 seconds. That’s security your customers can rely on.

The benefits of professionally monitored security

We discussed some of the main benefits of professional monitoring above, but there’s a lot more to consider. Here are some more examples of the stark differences between professional monitoring and unmonitored security cameras. As you’ll notice, the minor cost investment of including professional monitoring can reap dividends, both for your business’s bottom line, and in the perceived value for your customers. Professional monitoring is a win-win.

Ready to add value to your current customers, attract new ones, and grow your business faster with professional monitoring?

If your security camera company is looking to expand its product offerings to provide convenience and genuine peace of mind for customers, professional monitoring is the cost-effective, value-added service you need. Get in touch today!