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Enable rapid, high-priority responses

Eliminate up to 100% of false alarms

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Trusted by leading brands in home, business, and personal security

Noonlight alarm monitoring puts customers first

Noonlight professional alarm monitoring delivers the highest standard for human safety by enabling rapid responses to verified emergencies and by eliminating up to 100% of false alarms. Compare Noonlight professional alarm monitoring with the other guys to see how we stack up.*

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Proactive alarm monitoring starts with Noonlight

Traditional alarm monitoring doesn't come close to eliminating false alarms or respond quickly to verified emergencies. Noonlight is UL listed and 5 Diamond Certified, reduces the cost and hassle of false alarms, and enables rapid responses to verified emergencies with video verification and more.

Eliminate up to 100% of false alarms

Save your customers money and the unnecessary stress of dealing with false alarms by ensuring them they'll only be contacted to verify emergencies.

Enable rapid, high-priority responses

Video verification and sensor data analysis offer real-time event assessment that enables high-priority emergency responses that are faster and more accurate than traditional outreach methods.

Get alarm monitoring by trained experts

Noonlight agents are trained experts in reviewing and analyzing sensor data and video footage to determine the appropriate response to alarms.

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How Noonlight alarm monitoring works

Noonlight professional alarm monitoring works seamlessly in the background with security cameras and sensors to eliminate false alarms and verify real emergencies fast. This is how it works step-by-step...

Step 1: Detection

Someone or something moves into view of the security camera.

Step 2 : Alert

A video clip is sent to a Noonlight monitoring agent to review.

Step 3: Verification

The agent reviews the video to determine if there's a potential threat. If there's no threat, the alarm is cancelled.

Step 4 : Dispatch

If there's a potential threat, the agent notifies the owner and dispatches first responders, including a video clip to ensure a rapid, high-priority response.

Get the best alarm monitoring from Noonlight

Alarm monitoring

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At least 50% less than legacy companies, no hidden fees

Video and/or sensor context enables rapid, high-priority responses

Remote dispatch anywhere in USA

Cancel false alarms automatically

Alarm verification by trained experts

Monitoring alerts sent via text or call

UL Listed & 5 Diamond Certified

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